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1. Clean your application area with alcohol.
2. Separate the transfer tape from backing.
3. The decal is attached to the transfer tape.
4. Center the decal where desired on auto glas, etc.
5. Apply, then use a squeegee or credit card to smooth the edges; your fingers can also do an adequate job.
6. Peel the transfer tape off at a sharp angle, keeping the edge close to the application surface.
NOTE: Rub decals with hands in order to heat up vinyl. This helps in removing the decal from backing.   Seperate decal from paper gently.


1. Place the entire decal on the application area whether it’s a truck side, window, etc. 

2. Use 1” masking tape to vertically tape the decal down making sure to overlap the tape at least 3” above and below the center of the decal. 

3. The decal is stuck to the back of the front transfer tape. Starting on the right side, separate the decal and transfer tape from the backing paper. 

4. Take scissors and cut the backing paper away as close to the center tape as possible. With a credit card or squeegee start applying your decal working from the center masking tape out to the right edge. 

5. This method should allow you to apply your decal and minimize bubbles and damage to the decal. 

6. Once the right side is down, remove the center masking tape and the left side backing paper and again working from center out to left edge apply the left side of the decal 

NOTE: Be sure to hold the decal and transfer tape out from the application surface when applying the decal from center out to prevent premature sticking of the deca